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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Celebration

  Well the day before, i was having some conflicts with my dad because i wanted to go out with friends during new year eve... ended up we had cold war.. at last he let me go out with my friends with a condition that i am  grounded for two months..well at that moment i wasn't thinking that it's worthy or not...the one thing on my mind was...i must freaking go out.. so yea i said yes..

  It was around 6 when i reach Sunway, i called zs to ask their whereabout, and thy said they are going to have dinner at some taiwan restaurant...so i walk to the escalator and i saw them...they didn't realise that i was there.. (they were chatting..) then somehow i appear behind them at the escalator when they said out loud my name...such a coincidence..which made all of us laugh..it was totally random..

 We didn't had dinner in that taiwan restaurant and ended up at KFC..lol....yim said he don't want to eat fast food but then few minutes after that he said fast food is the fastest place to get food because we are going to watch CZ12 at 7 sth...so well...KFC then....it's was 6.45 when cs called ph...he said that he just woke up...wow...that was ineffable...of course the first reaction of  ph was "@#$%%..."...

  We pranked 10 when she called, saying that we were still waiting for out seats for dinner during 7.10...yea we are jerks in some way...then not long later we bumped into her and her bf...of course we all turned our head and look somewhere else and pretended that we didn't see her...both of the couple followed us quietly...lol...we were totally laughing in front...still pretending :P

  We were kinda late for our movie but it's okay.. But not until cs called ph again...he said he reached...damn him we watched almost 30 mins of that movie already and now he only appear? okay screw him.. ph don't want to walk out so does others..and they all asked me to walk out to give cs the tickets...well we had some voiceless argument in the cinema just for deciding who's going out...fine it's not argument..it's just the way we talk...who cares to maintain your polliteness when you are with a bunch of buddies.. So i went out to bring that fella in...the moment they saw him...all pointed fingers at him and added some voiceless words again...anyway we finished our movie at 9 sth...

  We wanted to eat some tit-bits while waiting for the moment to come...we walked to ole ole bali then at last we stopped at chatime.. we saw teens running around with some sprayers and yea they spray foams at each other and make people become snowman.. but it's kinda early right?

  We walked on the streets during 11 sth and wherever you walked you will get sprayed...so we too bought ourselves our weapon :P Time flies...so after we had our revenge and fun we headed to the place where we can see fireworks clearly :D

  Then 10's bf walked her home and left us there...i was waiting for my parents and the bunch of fellas were waiting for me to go home so they can walk to cc ad play online games...they slept over at zs's house and yea our event has ended...XD

  Happy new year People !!!! All the best in 2013 :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

my skull T.T

my skull is officially dead...


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time flies..

tomorrow will be the last day of school for this year...

it ends too soon, isn't it..
this year passed too fast without us realizing it...
many things happened this year...
and well i won't be regret for every choices i made this year...
i had been busy these few days...
gomen ne..
gonna stay in class for the whole day tomorrow if can..

tomorrow last day..
wanna walk me out..? ><
gonna slap you as much as possible tomorrow..
cuz after tomorrow there will be 53 days of break...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Glad

Thank god everything is okay now..

okay not everything..-.-
why this happened to me..
How dare the thing crack...
damn samtong weih...-.-
gonna go 1U later..
and gonna ask for the warranty thingy...

cookies ><
i want to eat....

Saturday, October 29, 2011


okay..so i woke up at 11 sth today..

well i stayed up late to chat yesterday..-.-
after reading some random horror genre mangas..
i left my comp to my bro..
then i started rolling on the bed..
texting, blasting music and rolling on bed..
and i dozed off..
then i suddenly woke up ..
realized that i was wearing my headphones..
and i didn't answer your text..
after placing my headphones beside me
i went back to sleep...
until 7..
head feels so heavy now...

dun concern about me too much..
i am fine..really

Friday, October 28, 2011


Started my day with add maths tuition...

After that, lunch and
later gonna bake some cookiies...
(told you that i will bake cookies on thurs(yesterday) but well..lazy...><)
Hmm..today morning call arigatou ne...
so sweet..><
well since u morning called me,
gonna morning call u next time if u need..
tho i dun think i can wake up so yeah..-.-
gomen ne ><

still the same sentence..
enjoy ur trip
c ya next monday XD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

life after exams..

enjoy ur trip bah XD